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Seafoam color shift 5/8 custom hoop

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This beautiful 5/8 tubing is just the bees knees. And here in stock and ready in time for the spring that is trying to sneak up to us. This tubing shifts from colors you would find at the bottom of the ocean!

Fine print:::: Please read!!! We use polypro or hdpe for our connectors. If the hula hoop is shipped it will be collapsed using push buttons. Please please please check that the drop down box is showing the correct size for your hoop before submitting your order form. If you are local and you pick your hoop up it will be rivets on both sides unless  specified when ordering. We do not guarentee that the color or shades will look exactly the same as what you see on your screen. Different resolutions will make the shades appear slightly different. This is why we notate what the colors are. Any questions please email