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Magical LED Warranty

All LED's purchased through Magical Hoops are under warranty:

Any led hula hoops purchased from our site, the warranty is non transferable without contacting the shop prior to selling the LED to let us know that a new owner will need the warranty transferred over.

If any water damage is done, the warranty is void. If the purchaser attempts to make changes to the hoop, the warranty is void. If the light strip shorts out, the warranty is void. 

If it appears the customer has failed to follow our instruction pamphlet provided and it has caused damage to the hoop, the warranty is void.

To fulfill a warranty the customer must email to first discuss the issue to ensure we do not go through the trouble of shipping it if it doesn't meet warranty.

The customer is responsible for shipping the hoop to us, and we will ship the hoop back, when the hoop comes in for repairs. 

This warranty is subject to change at any point, additions, and removals due to the nature of our ever changing business, and when purchasing a Magical LED you are agreeing to understanding these terms.