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Q: I just received my hoop, how do I take it out and open it up?
A: All of our shipped hoops in a size 26" or larger will be coiled down for shipping, the best way to remove the zip ties is to slide them down until they are only hooked over one part of the tubing then they should slide right off the hoop. If your hoop had any foam around it for protection, you can just cut the tape off around the foam and the foam will fall right off. If you received an LED please see the instructions sent with you hoop, and email us with questions.

Q: I am buying my first hoop and do not know what size to buy.
A: Most people will tell you to measure from the floor to your belly button, and how ever many inches off the floor your belly  button is that is the size. I suggest use that as a guide but if you're a smaller person knock off about 2 inches.


Q: How long will my hoop last me?
A: The hoop should last as long as you allow it. If you are a faster and heavy paced hooper your hoop might get a little more love than say someone who hoops slower. Remember concrete and water aren't good for you hoop, especially if you have tape. And never leave your hoop in your car too long especially on hot days.


Q: What is your current wait time?
A: I update this as the wait times change. Current estimated wait times are 1-4 days for ready made hoops, and 2-4 weeks for most custom hoops, if the wait time is longer I will quote you a longer wait time when discussing your custom order, or you can check back on our site as we update our estimated wait at the end of every week.


Q: What kind of battery do I use with my LED?
A: You are not required to only use the batteries we provide, the nice thing about batteries is no matter the brand they will put out the power listed on the battery. We use 3.7 V batteries, the mAH is the life of the battery at full charge, if you are going to purchase you will either need to purchase a 14500 3.7 battery or a 10440 3.7 v battery, depending on what size LED you have. If you ever questions email us, because using the wrong battery can short out your hoop and we do not cover that with our warranty.

Q: What type of hoop do you recommend for a beginner?
A: See sizing question above for more info on sizes. I usually recommend something, maybe with some tape layers. A lot hoopers will suggest HDPE or PE hoops for someone starting out, however HDPE is still light light polypro, and is really just sturdier in terms of being prone to cracks, PE tubing is heavy, like what you see at the hardware store. I do not usually suggest that unless someone plans to only waist hoop for quite a long time, if you want to move on to off body moves, and more dancing techniques I always suggest hdpe or polypro. You might end up not wanting to use your heavy hoop after a short amount of time, especially if you are a fast learner. 

Q: Why does my hoop look slightly different than the photos on the site?
A: Almost all of our hula hoops are made to order, by one person, who is not a machine. The owner measures and cuts each hoop, tapes each hoop by hand, orders stock from other mass production companies, we are most certainly a small business working with what we have when we have it. Never hesitate to discuss options or ask questions before ordering, we can always be reached. 

Q: Why do you not allow refunds? 
A: Because each hoop is made to order, and made uniquely it is difficult to resale a hoop after it has been made for another customer. This excludes damaged goods arriving or faulty products. We guarantee each hoop to be usable, and to last. Should something ever happen to your Magical Hoop email us! If you receive a hoop and you just do not like it, or it is not what you wanted we do allow exchanges within 4 weeks of the hoop arriving (this time frame is because the hoop condition  can change over time, and we will not accept an exchange of a hoop that appears to have been used a ton).

Q: What is your warranty for your LED items?
A: Can be seen here

Q: Local Pick-Up what's that?
A: If you live in Kansas City or the surrounding areas you have the ability to skip shipping and pick up your hoop(s)! There are a few different ways you may go about doing so, you may pick up the hoop at "It's a Beautiful Day" located off 39th and Broadway in downtown Kansas City, or you may leave a note asking for a meet up to get the hoop, or in some cases I have made special arrangements to drop the hoop off at the customers home, hand deliver so to speak :) 

Q: I received a hoop I feel is not up to satisfaction, what should I do?
A: You must contact the shop immediately. Sometimes hoops can be damaged during shipping and there are certain steps we must take, (see question regarding damaged shipped item), and sometimes the hoop needs to sit out open on your floor in a warm spot right with it ships or else it will try to wonk.