Q: I am buying my first hoop and do not know what size to buy.
A: Most people will tell you to measure from the floor to your belly button, and how ever many inches off the floor your belly  button is that is the size. I suggest use that as a guide but if you're a smaller person knock off about 2 inches.


Q: How long will my hoop last me?
A: The hoop should last as long as you allow it. If you are a faster and heavy paced hooper your hoop might get a little more love than say someone who hoops slower. Remember concrete and water aren't good for you hoop, especially if you have tape. And never leave your hoop in your car too long especially on hot days.


Q: What is your current wait time?
A: I update this as the wait times change. Current wait times are 1-2 weeks for ready made hoops, and 3-4 weeks for most custom hoops, if the wait time is longer I will quote you a longer wait time when discussing your custom order, or you will be contacted via the email you leave with your order to inform you of the longer wait time.


Q: Will you have LED hoops?
A: Yes we expect to be supplying LED hoops within the next few months, keep an eye out and make sure to subscribe to our mailing list. ***UPDATE*** LEDS ARE IN!!!!!!!!


Q: What type of hoop do you recommend for a beginner?
A: See sizing question above for more info on sizes. I usually recommend something heavy, like hdpe or even a pehoop. Those are heavy, but once you pick it up you will want something lighter, such as polypro. 

Q: Why does my hoop look slightly different than the photos on the site?
A: Almost all of our hula hoops are made to order, by one person, who is not a machine. The owner measures and cuts each hoop, tapes each hoop by hand, orders stock from other mass production companies, we are most certainly a small business working with what we have when we have it. Never hesitate to discuss options or ask questions before ordering, we can always be reached. 

Q: Why do you not allow refunds? 
A: Because each hoop is made to order, and made uniquely it is difficult to resale a hoop after it has been made for another customer. This excludes damaged goods arriving or faulty products. We guarantee each hoop to be usable, and to last. Should something ever happen to your Magical Hoop email us! If you receive a hoop and you just do not like it, or it is not what you wanted we do allow exchanged within 4 weeks of the hoop arriving (this time frame is because the hoop condition  can change over time).

Q: What is your warranty for your LED items?
A: All LED items can be sent in for repair so long as if the customer either has a) a copy of the emailed digital receipt, or proof they purchased the LED from Magical Hoops. We do not guarantee repairs on other companies hoops.