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You need that mental health day, and there is no shame.

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I have been working from home, off and on, for about 10 years now. There are stretches of working a regular day job all the time, stretches of just working from home, and then some times that would fall a little in the middle there.

One thing I have taken from years of trying to balance my time both working for myself and working for someone else, your health is important, ALWAYS. Never let anyone make you feel like you cannot do something due to your current state of well being. You are as capable as you let yourself be.

Now before anyone jumps on the bandwagon of, I can't afford to take a day off, trust me because I cannot either. That is not what this is about.

I would like everyone who has ever felt over worked to think, was there times you neglected your self to get something done, was there days you barely had anything to eat, didn't get off your feet for 12 hours, probably only had a little bit of coffee in the morning and then nothing else to drink until your lunch? You ever given a company your all and then a little extra, only to feel like you aren't working hard enough? Then you have known what it is like to feel overworked and about to snap I am sure. Most people who work full time have felt this, and a good portion of us are feeling it more than we should. 

There is a high rise of mental health issues this generation, mixed with economical issues, mixed with unlivable wages, mixed with many other things consistent with geography, age, etc, then you will probably have a society with low moral. 

If you are feeling over worked try to do small things for yourself such as drinking extra water before your shift if you cannot stop to take drinks during your shift, or packing a better lunch, or instead of watching the same drama filled show before bed read a book or color or go for a job, or do another relaxing activity that would suit you.

Do you like baths? When was the last time you took a bath my friend, maybe some chamomile and a candle, am I right?

Go out with your significant other, spoil your self sometimes. We only have so long on this world in our current body, so why over work yourself when you are barely happy to begin with!? If you are breathing, you are living, and if you aren't happy start changing the way you perceive that which is around you. 

Don't ever let anyone shame you into thinking that taking a day or an evening, or even a few hours, to yourself is wrong. How you feel mentally is extremely important, it effects how you perform both at work, and everywhere else. We need to work toward a happy society!

On that note.....
If you are a customer somewhere, whether it is buying from a small business or a large corporation, remember that every employee you are probably going to interact with is a person just like you working trying to earn bread and rent just like everyone else, some of them might not want to be there, some might, but that is all besides the point because we should never treat someone who is working as a lesser than our self. Your waiter is usually not responsible for your bad food and every small business you buy from is probably just one person working really hard alone.

We all need to start bringing each other up more, if the people who are meant to make sure we are taken care of and have what we need are failing us, then I challenge you to step up today. Start being more kind to everyone. Starting thanking people again. Starting tipping again. Stop yelling at a call center rep. If we want to make this world a little better then let's do it!

Call me an old school hippie here, but can't we all just get along?

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