Patience by Rebecca Victory

Patience by Rebecca Victory

I began hooping only about eight or nine months ago, and since then I feel as if I have progressed immensely. I have watched videos of some of the best, while some tricks I simply taught myself. It’s hard to measure progress when you are referring to hooping because everyone learns at different speeds. Someone who has been spinning for years could be at the same level as someone who has only been spinning for just a few, short months. Someone who just began hooping yesterday could be vastly superior to someone else at on-body moves, while they haven’t quite nailed off-body moves yet. It all depends on the person and time.


I have encountered many people talking about other people in the hoop community, saying they are “better” than them or they “can’t” do something. I just don’t see the point in these negative comments. Everyone is talented in their own way, and I think being able to pick up a hoop and dance with it is talent in itself. I don’t believe hooping is in any way a competition. Friends should be able to spin together in harmony with no tension. Competing because you think you need to be at a certain level because of the amount of time you have been hooping is absurd, and I believe everyone should take a moment to think about where they were when they began to hoop.

When I bought my first hoop, I couldn’t even spin it around my waist or complete a back roll. I couldn’t do any of the tricks I can flawlessly complete now. I remember how frustrated I used to be when I would watch my more advanced hooper friends dance around effortlessly with their hoops. I was annoyed and discouraged, but that was okay. That’s what motivated me to work harder. I channeled my frustration of not being able to nail all of my tricks into my practice until I could nail my tricks, instead of using my anger toward other people to put them down and make them feel lesser than me. Everyone should dance with their hoop in their own way at their own pace, and we should all dance together in harmony. I attached a poem I wrote about dancing with my hoops:


Sacred Circles


Spinning, spinning all around

To the sky and to the ground

Catching sunlight as it spins

We are one, the best of friends


But at dusk, we begin night flow

Like a firefly putting on a show

Magical, gleaming, it tells a story

Together we spin in all out glory


Elbow breaks and shoulder rolls,

My hoop comes to life as its story is told

Music comes in to make it complete

I am in love with the hoop at my feet

Purple Poseidon, a magical hoop

Amethyst Glow, in the reflective group

Sacred circle of Metallic Teal,

Our flow is art, our hoop dance is real


Stop, drop and spin, it’s what we do,

Catching escalators, another smooth move

Sending break battles to other hoop friends

Hooping, spinning, everyone wins.


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